14 Hanukkah Latkes That Take Potato Pancakes To The Next Level

We bet you've never thought of some of these before!

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classic latkes

We’re BIG fans of latkes here at Delish. Not only are potato pancakes a must for Hanukkah (December 18 to 26, 2022), they’re also crazy versatile. We’re turning them into everything from apps to dessert (seriously!). We’ve rounded up 14 recipes so you can do the same—keep things feeling fresh for the entirety of your Festival of Lights celebration and beyond.

Before you even think about innovative ways to top your latkes, you’ve gotta get your base recipe down. We’ve included a few of our favorites, like our classic latkes and our house latkes (with horseradish), as well as some fun spins like our Swiss rösti (basically one large latke), our cauliflower hash browns (more latke than hash brown tbh, and low-carb!), and our latke cups. Our top tip for the crispiest, craggliest latkes? Squeeze as much liquid out of your potatoes as you can, and remember, they're called pancakes for a reason: The first few might not be perfect, but you’ll get there!

Then it’s time for the real fun. We’ve included a number of recipe-less ideas for you here in the hopes that they’ll get your creative juices flowing. Take inspiration from them, then try and make up your own. Turn it into a contest for most original among you and your family and friends—you might just like this game better than playing dreidel (sorry gelt, but potatoes are better 😉). Lastly, we’ve also included a tongue-in-cheek recipe for our latke cookies, featuring an apple caramel and potato sticks. They’re not wholly traditional, but they are fun—bonus, no hot oil required!

Want even more Hanukkah ideas? Check out the rest of our favorite Hanukkah cookies, our top Hanukkah appetizers, and our best Hanukkah desserts too.

potato pancakes
Park Feierbach
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Classic Latkes

If you ask us, you're not truly celebrating the Festival of Lights without a crispy batch of latkes. Serve these homemade ones with sour cream and homemade applesauce for the PRIME Hanukkah experience.

Get the Classic Latkes recipe.

latkes with whipped cream cheese, red onion, and capers  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Latkes With Whipped Cream Cheese, Red Onion, And Capers

This classic combo is creamy and cool with just the right amount of umami from the capers. Try it with pickled red onions if you're sensitive to raw onion.

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Swiss rösti is essentially the fanciest potato latke you’ll ever eat, where the best part is the topping. We view it almost like a Hanukkah pizza. We love classic applesauce, but you can go fancy with a bit of lox, sour cream, fresh dill, and roe for an amazing treat for any Hanukkah celebration.

Get the Rösti recipe.

latkes with greek yogurt, chili oil, and scallions  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Latkes With Greek Yogurt, Chili Oil, And Scallions

A little Greek yogurt, your favorite chili oil, and a sprinkle of scallions are all it takes to give latkes an unexpected twist with the perfect amount of heat.

house latkes with horseradish
Erik bernstein
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House Latkes

Though latkes are commonly served with applesauce and plain sour cream; here, they get a flavor-boost with a spicy horseradish and chive sour cream topping, which adds savory depth to each bite. Got leftover horseradish? Stir them into these creamy horseradish mashed potatoes.

Get the House Latkes recipe.

latkes with goat cheese, roasted beet, and mint  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Latkes With Goat Cheese, Roasted Beet, and Mint

This latke topping option is seasonal, yet transcendent—the earthy beets are grounding while the goat cheese and mint add brightness and pep.

latkes with ricotta, lemon zest, and hot honey  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Latkes With Ricotta, Lemon Zest, And Hot Honey

Ricotta is the perfect creamy background for hot honey for this latke, while lemon zest add brightness while tying the flavors together.

lakte cookies with toasted potato sticks and apple caramel
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Latke Cookies

If you're more of a sweets fan but want to keep with tradition, we've got just the Hanukkah cookie for you. Our favorite part? A homemade apple caramel as a nod to the applesauce often enjoyed with potato pancakes.

Get the Latke Cookies recipe.

latkes with roast beef  sauerkraut and russian dressing  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Latkes with Roast Beef, Sauerkraut, And Russian Dressing*

If you're not keeping kosher this year, try out this Reuben-inspired latke topping combo. It's perfect with leftover roast beef or corned beef if you've got 'em, but store-bought deli meat works too. Just don't skip that Russian dressing!

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Erika LaPresto
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Latke Cups

When your favorite latke becomes a cup, magical things happen. Feel free top these with classic applesauce and sour cream, or go wild with your toppings.

Get the Latke Cups recipe.

potato pancakes  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Latkes With Smoked Chicken, Swiss, Dijon, And Pickles

If you're not keeping kosher this year, you've got to try this chicken sandwich-inspired combo. The flavors are truly next-level on top of hot, crispy latkes.

cauliflower hash browns
John Komar
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Cauliflower Hash Browns

Okay, okay, we know that hash browns definitely AREN'T latkes, but if you or a loved one is looking for a low-carb option this Hanukkah, these will fit the bill. Plus, since they're held together with eggs, technically they are closer in definition to a latke than your average potato pancake. Yays all around.

Get the Cauliflower Hash Browns recipe.

molly yeh's latkes with caramelized onion sour cream
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Molly Yeh's Latkes with Caramelized Onion Sour Cream

"These are a variation on the hockey puck–size latkes that I make every year," Molly says. "The caramelized onion sour cream is like a French onion dip for Hanukkah, so consider this an amped-up chips and dip situation!"

Get Molly Yeh's Latkes with Caramelized Onion Sour Cream recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

parsnippotato latkes with quick sautéed apples ghk
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Parsnip-Potato Latkes With Quick Sautéed Apples

Top these fried potato delicacies with easy fried apples for a touch of sophistication. These sautéed apples taste kind of like apple pie filling... but better.

Get the Parsnip-Potato Latkes With Quick Sautéed Apples recipe from Good Housekeeping.

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