10 Seriously Cool Ways To Make Challah

Braid and bake.

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chocolate orange challah
Wei and Leili of Yin and Yolk

Your Rosh Hashanah won't be complete without one of these recipes.

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Sarah Klegman and Elina Tilipman of Challah Hub
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Challapeño Cheese

Spice up your Rosh Hashanah with this hot and savory take on the classic recipe.

Get the recipe from Challah Hub.

chocolate orange challah
Wei and Leili of Yin and Yolk
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Chocolate Orange Challah

With this decadent recipe, take your challah to the next level (and the next course) by having it for dessert.

Get the recipe from Yin and Yolk.

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Deb Perelman
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Fig, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt Challah

Go gourmet on Rosh Hashanah with this subtly sweet and salty recipe.

Get the recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

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Amy Kritzer
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Rainbow Challah Bread

Give your regular challah recipe a new life in Technicolor with this bright recipe.

Get the recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat.

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Courtesy of Bakerita
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Chocolate Chip Challah

If you have any leftover (you won't) it makes AH-MAZING french toast.

Get the recipe from Bakerita.

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Courtesy of The Little Ferraro Kitchen
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Tomato Stuffed Challah Bread

So basically, pizza.

Get the recipe from The Little Ferraro Kitchen.

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Courtesy of Barefeet In The Kitchen
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Challah Bread Pudding with Kahlua Cream Sauce Pin Share Share Tweet Share Share

If you're making bread pudding with any other bread, you're missing out.

Get the recipe from Barefeet In The Kitchen.

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Courtesy of Gather For Bread
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Challah with Cinnamon Honey Butter

The sweet/salty combo is everything.

Get the recipe from Gather For Bread.

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Courtesy of Domestic Gothess
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Chocolate Cherry Challah

This may be our new favorite way to combine chocolate and cherry.

Get the recipe from Domestic Gothess.

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Courtesy of What Jew Wanna Eat
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Everything Bagel Challah

Different form, still just as addicting.

Get the recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat.

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