Lizzo joined Seth Myers for the latest Day Drinking segment on Late Night With Seth Myers, and let's just say things got a bit wild. We'll blame it on the tequila shots.

In honor of Lizzo's Grammy-nominated album, Myers made a series of cocktails inspired by the star's songs and career.

As Myers began mixing multiple wines to make what he called About Damn Wine (a play on Lizzo's song "About Damn Time"), Lizzo asked him if he's ever played "wag the bag," a game that involves removing the bag from a boxed wine, slapping it, and pouring wine straight into your mouth. This led to both of them giving it a try. From the looks of it, Lizzo is a pretty seasoned wag the bag player. Myers, not so much.

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"That is not someone's first wag the bag," said Myers.

The next cocktail was called Grrrls after another Lizzo song. Myers mixed sherry (which we learned is the name of Lizzo's mom), a margarita, a bloody Mary, and Dr. Pepper, because "women can be doctors," according to Myers. Lizzo said the drink tasted like Heinz ketchup.

"It literally tastes like vomit," she said.

When asked what the tagline to sell the cocktail would be, she said "who needs to throw up after a long night of drinking when you can drink Grrrls."

Myers named the last cocktail Grammys, which mixed all of the drinks grandmothers like—brandy, white zinfandel, Grand Marnier, and vegan strawberry Jell-O. They sipped them out of mugs labeled "world's best grandma."

To add more alcohol to the equation, they took back shots of spiked eggnog as Myers read "nog nog jokes."

While we were initially upset at our lack of invitation to the Day Drinking festivities, we're not so mad about missing out on Myers' new cocktails.

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